Who Are We? 

One of the first and last things that a person sees from you is your hair. So why not make it as bold, beautiful and brilliant as you. That's where I come in. I've made it my personal mission to make every person that I can see their inward beauty manifest on the outside. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I started my career as a hairstylist at the age of 16. A large part of my journey to becoming the woman that I am today is tied to my hair journey, something that I'd like to help you on. It's time for you to become the bold and fearless person that you promised the younger version of yourself that you would always become. This is what HNYLOCS is about, finding joy, sending out positive energy into the world and becoming the person we've always wanted to be. HNYLOCS is a community. I am HNYLOCS, YOU are HNYLOCS, WE are HNYLOCS.

Founder of Hnylocs

Alexis Boss


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